What IS Dillon Software?

Dillon Software is a small, agile team of highly skilled and experienced Java developers. Members of the team are scattered throughout the United States, choosing to live where they please. We have a small number of clients, but we maintain working relationships with our clients for years, not weeks or months as is typical in information technology consulting. As a result, we build a high degree of trust with our clients that results in a great deal of creative input and freedom.

We're not just Java, though. Mobile has replaced the web as the center of application innovation. We're actively developing a number of mobile projects for both Android and iOS devices. We leverage our extensive Java knowledge to build extremely scalable, cloud-based web service infrastructures to support high-volume interactions with mobile applications.

As members of the Widevine CWIP (Certified Widevine Implementation Partner) program, we can assist clients with all aspects of implementing and deploying Widevine DRM technology for their applications, from server software installation through browser, Android, and iOS application development.

Why work at Dillon Software?

Not everybody should. Members of the Dillon Software team must be professional, mature, personable, independent, and highly skilled. If you have an abrasive personality, take offense easily, need a lot of daily human interaction and affirmation, or require supervision of your daily activities, this is not the place for you.

However, if

...then you will love being a part of this team.

If that's you, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@dillonsoftware.com

We are currently looking for: