full-stack application design, development, and support

Design isn't how something looks, it's how it works.

We're experts in application design, able to understand requirements and craft an application architecture that will support not only the functionality and appearance, but the underlying services, data model, caching strategy, cloud services, and more.

Of course, we like beautiful things too! We are well versed in Apple and Google's Human Interface Guidelines and students of great UI and UX design wherever we find it.

The fine art of application development.

We have teams of skilled developers specializing in relational and No-SQL databases, backend services, React web development, native iOS and Android development, even set-top boxes like Roku, AppleTV, and FireTV.

We employ industry-standard source code management tools like git and git-flow. And our in-house task management system gives you complete visibility into the projects, releases, feature sets, sprints, and tasks that define your application and how it's built - as well as the time billed to each task, estimate reconciliation, team performance, and more.

We're here to support.

Modern applications deployed to disparate platforms are complicated. We don't just deliver code and walk away. When you call us for help, you'll be glad you did. If we don't have an immediate solution or answer, we will find one and get back to you as quickly as possible.

We've got years of experiece providing AWS devops services for applications we've written supporting millions of registered users. We've gotten pretty good at spotting risks before they become problems, and identifying ways to mitigate those risks. And if things do go sideways, we'll work the problem all day and all night until it's resolved.

Media applications

We're experts in delivering video, music, audiobook, ebook, and comic media applications. Whether it's content ingestion, transcoding, DRM, CDN delivery, or developing custom players for browsers, iOS and Android apps, Roku, AppleTV, or FireTV, we've got you covered. We've written apps delivering hundreds of thousands of titles to millions of users - both streaming and downloaded. We specialize in Fairplay, DASH, and HLS and have developed custom content protection mechanisms for ebooks and comics.

Check out our work for hoopla digital!